About us

Our Story

The future depends on our children. Yet, millions of babies are born every day into circumstances that remove from them any possibility of having a successful future.
In 2020, it was estimated that 5% of pregnant women in America regularly use addictive substances. We believe that the only way to truly give these children a chance at a life they deserve is to help them before they even leave the womb.

Caring Hearts traces its history back to 1995. Since then, we have been dedicated to helping pregnant women and postpartum mothers suffering from drug addiction and substance abuse to deliver and raise drug-free children. Our program helps these women to overcome their addictions and underlying challenges, so they can better their own lives and those of their babies. To date, we have seen the delivery of 800 healthy infants—all of whom were born drug-free. Together with the Caring Hearts community, we hope to see these numbers continue to rise.

Our Mission

Caring Hearts helps to give mothers suffering from extreme challenges the chance to give their babies a healthy and successful life. The mothers we accept into the program suffer from an array of substance addictions including opiates, benzodiazepines, alcohol, cocaine, or any combination of these drugs. Before addiction, these women endured severe physical, sexual, and emotional trauma. In an effort to cope, they have turned to harmful chemicals and stimulants. First Step helps these women to overcome these addictions during and after pregnancy, so their beautiful babies have a chance at a better life.

Rather than leaving these newly-clean mothers to fend for themselves, First Step sees that both mother and baby are healthy and able to maintain a stable and successful life. After a baby is born, it remains with its mother throughout her whole treatment. This process takes about 6 months to a year and allows mother and baby to bond as she goes through evidence-based clinical practices addressing substance abuse, mental health, and gender-specific and trauma-related issues. During treatment, mothers are taught about caring for their infants, parenting skills, life-management skills, and family reunification. They are also given education and advice on smoking cessation and how to prevent relapse. In order to increase the new family’s opportunity for financial stability, mothers are required to pursue vocational training and/or GED preparation. We take every step necessary to ensure the health and success of both mother and baby.

Thanks to your contributions at Caring Hearts, we are saving the lives of mothers and infants from our community. In doing this, we are also saving the future communities of our own children and grandchildren. We have seen 100% success with the hundreds of mothers and infants we have helped already. But why stop there? Imagine if we could save thousands or millions of families from substance abuse. All donations to Caring Hearts go solely to supporting these mothers and babies. We took the first step. Help us go the rest of the way to creating a drug-free future.